God Wins…but can I ?

A Mother's Journey


Marie E Guthrie

Bio: What can I say about myself? My heart beats fast for my family, friends and calling. Professionally, I have a passion for helping people and organizations tell their stories in a compelling way and I have been doing this fun work my whole career. Never once bored in the marketing and communications profession. Presently, I am providing consulting services to corporate and nonprofit organizations. For seven years, I was the Senior Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Awana. I am dedicated to learning how to better love my family members and friends. I am married to a very special man, Mark. I have two children. Grant in his college years - a treasure. My beautiful daughter Leah is now in heaven. Her 14 month battle with cancer has taken me down a road that I never thought I'd go, but I would do it all again. This blog is dedicated to my brave and faithful daughter. At a young age, I was drawn to the sacrificial love I learned about as I was taught about Christ. My heart since age eight was transformed from total selfishness to a heart that desired to love God and others. This love has driven who I am - far from perfect, but dedicated to the One who loves me more than any human ever could. I have questions for God about the story of my life; I wrestle with Him about losing Leah, but He and I go deep. Still feel His arms around me. We are taking it day by day.

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  1. Marie, I have DESPERATELY been searching and praying for someone that understands what is is like to lose a child to cancer. I have been troubled and surprised that I could not find any support groups of this kind.I came upon your blog and as a Christian it has touched me so much.It has been ABSOLUTELY an answer to me prayers. My 24 yr old son entered his Savior’s arms Sept 1,2016 after a 2 year battle with sarcoma. I would very much like to be able to communicate with you if possible as I am so new (7wks) on this valley journey of grief. He had written a blog of his own and impacted many people with his faith and positive attitude like you have described of Leah.

    • Hi Bambi, Thank you for sharing your story. I’d be glad to communicate offline. Either you can leave me your email address or private message me on Facebook. I think I can see your email here. I will email you you, if you email starts with the letter s, let me know and I’ll send a message. I am so deeply, deeply sorry that you lost your son to sarcoma cancer. What a gift he’s given others sharing his faith and positive attitude. I’d love to read his blog. God is good to help us connect with one another. Many blessings.

      • I tried to find you on facebook without success.my email does start with s,if you would please send me an email message I can send you the link to Jordan’s blog pages. You can know a lot about my son through them.

  2. I just read your article and those are very true words from a mother’s heart who’s child is not here with her physically. My baby Tony won his crown 15yrs ago at the age of 7 after a 2yr battle with nueroblastoma cancer.

    Every point you wrote is true the Love I have for my son knows nor has a time limit ❤️ It’s true I love to hear others mention his name and the memories he left them. It’s true one becomes compassionate of others, I’ve always said this to people when I say through Tony’s life and this experience we learned that people grow with love. He showed us how to love one another and even though he was 1 of my five children no child replaces him ❤️

    Thank you, and know that yes time moves on but your Leah will live forever in your heart and in every memory that you have of her are your smiles and yes some tears, but those are ok these babies are our children and the love for a child is FOREVER ❤️

    • Thank you Claudia. Your message brings tears to my eyes. Gentle, happy tears. There’s nothing like a momma who understands. I’m so sorry that Tony is nolonger with you, but I do know he’s in your heart. My daughter was 15 and had a 14 month battle with sarcoma cancer. So heartbreaking, but gave me the opportunity to pour out my love on her. Thank you for sharing and I wish you much joy, peace and love.

  3. Please include me in any new post

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